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          放心之选 阀门产品供应商

          多年口碑见证 提供一站式水利工程解决方案
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            Shandong Aode Valve Co., Ltd. is a set research and development, design, manufacturing and service in one of the high-tech enterprises, the company is located in the capital of the eastern province of Shandong - Jinan.

            The company's main: soft sealing gate valve, hydraulic control valve, grooved butterfly, a trench gate valve, heating valve, check valve, exhaust, mud valve, antifouling cut off valve, a filter, a corrugated pipe compensator, copper valve, valve steel, sleeve compensator, pipeline compensator, metal hose, hardware, accessories etc. products.

            Company to introduce the international first-class automated production equipment, and constantly learn the latest technology at home and abroad, to ensure product updates and optimization. Built a CAD valve design center, new product R & D center, and products are mainly produced according to API, ANSI, BS, DIN, NF, JIS, JPI, GB, JB and standard, valve of the main materials have cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper and so on material, according to the needs of the user by manual, electric, air pneumatic, hydraulic driven approach, and so on. Widely used in chemical, mining, urban construction, electricity, building materials, cement, military, pharmaceutical, food, water supply and drainage and other industries.

            The company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification. Won the construction of major projects advanced unit "," brand building demonstration enterprise "," Shou contract re credit units "," thousands of City million enterprises pioneer members "," national product quality after-sales service double standards of advanced enterprise ", the Chinese Power Equipment Management Association recommended brand" honor.

            Shandong Aode Valve Co. Ltd. brand strength and product quality for the industry's consistent approval. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Ord is willing to work with you on the road to success go hand in hand, create brilliant!


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